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We Care About Our
Bodies and Our Future. 

Druid is a small batch, wellness brand harnessing natural healing remedies tested over thousands of years. Pulling on the knowledge of our ancestors to treat the ailments of modern day lifestyles. Focused on slowing down, improving self-care habits and reconnecting with nature. 

'Druids' or 'Druidry' is a spiritual tradition dating back over 2000 years, whose core principles were connection and respect for the natural world. They were healers with great knowledge of herbs for healing, using their learnings of the land not only for physical wellness, but also for spiritual and emotional wellbeing. The ethos of Druid is to bring these often overlooked herbal medicines back in to our daily routines and reconnect with the plants, the seasons and ourselves. 



"Whilst living in Hong Kong,  a friend recommended traditional Chinese Medicine for my unbalanced hormones and PCOS. I was immediately fascinated by the power of plants for healing, and how little awareness I had of this back home in Scotland. The more I researched, the more I understood the impact of the products used in my daily routine and how they were reacting with my body, hormones and fertility. Shortly after, I founded Druid with an ambition to bring cleaner products into our homes. Let's look back to nature for the solution"

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